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Custom blended liquid herbal medicines, carefully selected based on the analysis, diagnosis and progress of each individual patient.


Once I have assessed your situation as a patient,  I may administer herbal remedies  to help restore full function and balance to your  body.  This could be an herb to help with bile flow, liver clean out, kidneys that keep forming stones, muscle or tendon repair, pain due to sciatica, or easing nervous anxiety, and these are only a few of the many herbal applications I use in my practice. The underlying commonality is that each herbal attribute helps, in its own way, with breaking certain types of chemical adaptation loops formed by the fight, flight, freeze response.  

There is a causal chain where A leads to B, leads to C, leads to manifesting symptoms, which leads to coming to me for help. Once an assessment reveals the underlying symptoms of the imbalances in various parts of the body, my next step is determining where in that causal chain is best for affecting the greatest change in the shortest period of time. This procedure is intended to accurately identify the cause of the imbalance and reduce symptoms as quickly and significantly as possible.  

Several forms of analysis are used to assess and identify imbalances: integrated applications of different types of kinesiology, facial diagnosis,  conversation, posture, tone and expression of voice, etc. As organ and gland deficiencies are identified into the causal chain listed above, the findings are prioritized and, if applicable, an herb with attributes that best fit the action required is chosen.

On subsequent visits,  I continue to reassess the causal chain for changes that may occur in response to the care administered in the previous visit. Some imbalances correct easily while others are deeply rooted and require a maintenance program  to correct. It is important that we work together to achieve the goals we identify in the timeliest manner.


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- Hermes Trismegistus




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