Lisa M. Avila, D.C.
Chiropractor | Kinesiologist | Herbalist


Dr. Avila utilizes muscle testing to accurately assess imbalances at all levels of the human condition: physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual.

Further, she specializes in working with individuals locked in the freeze aspect of the fight and flight response, whether such response was initiated by a physical accident, the diagnosis of a disease or a history of physical, psychological or emotinal abuse.

When faced with the perception of immediate danger, the body and mind prepare to either fight this threat or run away from it. In this moment, a cascade of physiological responses begins. When physically fighting or running away is not an option, the body and the mind freeze. It is in the freeze response that the changes experienced within the body at the first moment of the threat become locked into the system. This element of locking in body chemistry and emotional changes into the system, initially intended to keep us safe from an evolutionary prospective,
will over time, if not corrected, begin to have a deleterious effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Care under Dr. Avila emphasizes:

  • tailoring treatment to each individual;
  • addressing every aspect of the human condition;
  • emotional-body connection care.



When the body breaks down,
the soul straightens up.
- Italian proverb

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